Thursday, 29 July 2010

Kim Kardashians Guide to Dressing a Curvy Figure

Listen shes not a graduate in Fashion, (although she did dress some famous people pre sex tape days..) Monica Rose picks out her clothes, But she does always look good and she definitely knows how to show off her curves in the right places... so here you go ladies:

Find A Great Tailor

"Anything you wear should be proportioned to your body, and a good tailor will make sure everything fits perfectly. I either have my tailor at every fitting or I have my stylist pin my wardrobe and take it to the tailor before I wear anything. Shortening a hem line on a dress can make a huge difference!"

Accentuate Your Waist

"Show off that tiny waist! Adding a belt makes your outfit look more polished. I have great belts from Phillip Lim and Alaia. Vintage belts are one of a kind and can be affordable too."

Avoid Oversize Tops & Dresses

"I know they are comfortable and they look amazing on Nicole Richie but flowy tops and dresses are not flattering on a curvy figure. They can make you look pregnant and they look sloppy in photos. Try wearing a maxidress instead. A.L.C, Torn by Ronny Kobo and T Bags make some great ones."

Embrace Shapewear
(never thought id hear a celeb admit this!)

"Every woman from a size 0-14 should own Spanx! I love Shapewear by Body Wrap; they have a firm control long leg panty that makes my body look smoother and slimmer under fitted dresses without leaving any lines."

Love Your Curves

"Being confident and owning your body is sexy. I love to show off my curves and designers like Thatcher, Antonio Berardi, Preen, Altuzarra, Markus Lupfer and Brian Lichtenberg make amazing dresses that fit my body perfectly."

Kardashian Porn Company

So there is another Kardashian sex tape, its my boyfriends favorite of the sisters, she didnt have a sex tape, she wasnt gobby she seemed shy (till Miami!) he was her favorite. Now he gets to see more of her. in fact we all do because she now like her younger sister Kim has a sex tape.

I was going to write a post about what a wonderful model Kendall Jenner seems to be, she looks a bit shy but not sure she had a better road to go down and to be very honest she seems the most model like.

I am surprised however that Bruce (of the protectiveness ive seen of him) would let his 14 year old daughter pose around in a Bikini shot through her legs.... Now im an avid KUWTK watcher hell I might even watch KKTM sometimes (theres a limit I dont even see my OWN family that much) and they hid from him Bikini shoots in the past and they are adults... (and not his biological daughters) im honestly a bit shocked to see this:

But then when two of your female role models are porn stars.....

Sexiest Woman Alive...... Really?

So this is apparently Esquire Magazines pick for 2010 sexiest woman alive:


Ok she does look better here:

But if shes the sexiest woman alive I kinda expect someone who doesn't look ok in a snapshot, but does look at at a photo shoot, hell anyone could be the sexiest woman alive then! OK so it's nice to see a fuller figure woman as the sexiest woman alive, but then again deep down that's what men want, and I'm presuming the title of sexiest woman alive comes from men's votes or something and not from other women looking on objectively. But really sexiest woman alive? not sure about that!

What do you think?

Cheap Improvements

So yesterday I was in Geant Hypermarket and since I got paid... early I might add I was having one of those days where you buy things, gimmicky things you wouldn't normally look twice at! Anyways I threw lots of beauty goodies in my trolly now the following two I couldnt wait to try when I got home because they seemed to good to be true!

The first thing I brought (I was in Geant because id actually missed my nail appointment in Nail Bar and thought, why not get some food for home LOL) was Nail Patches:

Now these looked a little tacky (and I add its not this brand they sell in Geant but its pretty much exactly the same!) There is no nail varnish involved, its one white sticker ready shaped you stick over the tip of your nail, and then i slightly pinkish clear one you stick over the top of that, now they are a little fiddly at first but you soon get used to it, would be alot easier to get a friend to do it for you, but honestly they are beautiful and you would never know its not nail varnish. I put them on last night so just waiting to see how long they last... its 25aed I think (so £3) which is less than half what I pay for a manicure, and the painting is the reason i go (oh and the massage and reading magazines for free!) shaping of my nails I can do myself... so its less than half the price of ONE manicure and you get TWO complete sets.... if they last longer than a week i'm sold :)

The second item I brought (and am testing) is heated eyelash curlers! YES bit crazy I know, but a while back I got some eyelash extentions and although my eyelashes are pretty long anyway ever since i had those ive been a bit obsessed with things that give me longer, curvier lashes :) once again it isnt this brand i got because I have a feeling what im buying is Geants own brand maybe, but heres a pic:

They were only 50aed and I used them (quickly) this morning and didnt use eye lash curlers they are pretty good and seem to be holding the shape better! I also managed to get the stray lashes that my eyelash curlers can normally get!!

I only tried them both today... let me see in a week ;)

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Review - Quick Trim

So As I said in my last post I started taking Quick Trim's Fast Cleanse... To be honest I didnt really notice any different, but then I put it down to the fact its more of a cleanse than a weight loss aid, don't know if my body is any cleaner but what the hell I tried!

Anyways today I started with Quick Trim's Burn & Cleanse, im hoping for a bit more of a result from this 14 day weight loss program. I didnt actually realise but I have to take 4 pills during the day, 2 between breakfast & Lunch, and 2 more between lunch and dinner. then 4 before bed! thats quite alot. but after reading the ingredients which all seem to be pretty natural and as far as I know no one had diet from quick trim i'm going to give it a go, I dont actually own any scales (I lost them when I moved house a couple of months ago) im going to go buy some after work and try to keep track of my weight.

I dont do any vigorous exercise but Im going to go for a run or a fast paced walk every other day after work and try to move around a bit more at work etc, as well as eating a bit less sugar and drink more water and see how things go. There is an exercise planner that comes with the pills so ill have a look at that after work and see if theres anything in there worthwhile.... ill keep you updated!

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Quick Trim

I follow the Kardashian sisters (and the lovely Rob actually) and their shamless advertising and multiple endorsements just pass me by, due to the fact many celebrities endorse and your always pretty sure they simply do it for the money and nothing else. However they started tweeting about Quick Trim around the time Khloe starting looking amazing, Kim was also twittering on about this product "Quick Trim" Kim never looked overweight, yeah her curves were alot fuller than they are now, however she seemed lucky enough that if she was a bit "heavy" she put it on in the right places and is wasnt particulaly noticible. Khloe however really started to shine!

In the 5 1/2 years i've been in Dubai I have put on around 10Kilo, ive gone from a size 10 to a size 12, which isnt particulaly bad I know, but I really do feel like I need to loose some weight, since unlike Kim my thighs wobble! (lol) I hate the gym, like i'm sure many people do, so many fitness first fanatics but just looking at fitness first in Jebel Ali makes me feel like im looking into a goldfish bowl, all lined up and organised with absolutly no feeling whatsoever, there is no way I can tolerate this feeling 3 or 4 times a week, it will just feel like a job rather than something I should try to enjoy! I want to get a bycicle since in England I really enjoyed riding through the streets, then into the woods, then past the park and through the streets again, always something new to look at, a good dose of fresh air and great excersise, yes my bum aches afterwards but what to do ;)

Anyways at the weekend I was in Burjaman and I spotted a GNC and I know they sell Quick Trim in GNC in the US and thought id give it a go, what have I got to loose? They have 3 products available, however I opted out of the "Extreme Burn" as I fugured it best to start slowly maybe I can invest in the extreme burn after the other 2 products I brought show some promise of working!

So I brought the "Fast Cleanse" "A 48 Hour Super Diet Detox" a Liquid detox which tastes a bit lemony to be taken 4 times a day between meals. I started the "Fast Cleanse" today, my main issue is the fact you have to drink 3 Litres of water, I have a bit problem drinking water so this is deeming a little bit of a challenge. However I just finished my 1.5 Litre bottle so im pretty sure i'll make it!

The other product I brought is "Burn & Cleanse" you have different pills for night and day, it is supposed to jump start your metabolism and Burn calories during the day and detox & Cleanse at night. Now I like the idea that it is not just a diet pill but a detox as well, I dont know whether it does exactly what it says on the tin but I like the sound of it nonetheless:
 Maybe after i've done these depending on the results I might buy the " Extreme Burn" but lets see. Today I started the "Fast Cleanse" I will keep you updated and let you know how these products work out for me!