Tuesday, 29 June 2010

If there were an Anonomous Forum/Chat Room for women to openly discuss any issues with other women would you use it?

If there were an Anonomous Forum/Chat Room for women to openly discuss any issues with other women would you use it?
Yes, Definitely... Great Idea
No, Probably not... Don\'t like sharing my private life with anyone
Maybe, i\'d check it out once

Monday, 28 June 2010

To do later

im at work looking for wallpapers to dl for my iphone when I get home except flick is blocked and most are on flickr so im going to post here as a kind of active to do ;)
if you take some for your own.... enjoy!

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Must Have Products

Hi Ladies... I was just about to post something on twitter about how much I love certain products, then I realised I havn't posted for a while so would be fun to do a "must have" section of my daily routine, finally at 26 I have found my perfect products for a perfect daily routine.... would be interesting if you can comment and suggest some nice products!

anyways, my must haves (in order!)

1. This is actually the night before!
My Boots Microdermbrasion Kit

Now this is AMAZING! you might think its just the same as exfoliating, but its really not... I actually forgot to do it for a few days and my skin starting playing up! Do this at night before you go to sleep or when your chilling watching tv, you will love how your skin feels!

then i sleep of course..... and my daily must haves

2. Touch & Glow by Soap & Glory

Soap & Glory make awesome products with great packaging and not too expensive, available at Boots also this is a moisturiser with tanning beads! as you rub the moisturiser you burst little beads full of, well brown stuff that makes your face glow! not only does it moisturise your skin but it makes me use less foundation!

3. Mac Studio Fix foundation

Ive tried pretty much all foundations from mac and a zillion others from other companies, and nothing felt good on my skin and every one of them had a problem, too think, left orange marks etc etc you know the drill, but studio fix is great! light, but pretty good coverage, I dont have amazing skin and im prone to break outs and its pretty good at covering imperfections but when I dont have any, couples with my Good to Glow, this product looks great!

ps. I love my mac brushes!

4. L'oreal Lineur Intense Liquid Eyeliner

I pretty much steer clear of liquid liner's I can never get both eyes looking the same, i dont have a steady hand, and im not even sure it suits me! My Boyfriend was trying to be cute and he brought me some new make up and this was one of the things (some woman behind the desk in Debenhams recommended it!) he got me..
Now this is pretty cool! its not really distinct when you wear it its kind of subtle, which i liked from a liquid liner, its not all wet etc its like a pen, it only comes in 2 colours but both are pretty and it looks all shimmery when you put it on!

5. Shroom Eyshadow by Mac

This is not just an eyeshadow for me, I totally overuse this! I use it for an eye shadow pretty much everyday, its light its shimmery, its suitable for wherever your going! but I also use it as a highlighter, putting my big fat mac brush in it and highlighting my face! I love this product :)

6. Estee Lauder Eyelash Primer

I cant praise this product enough, sold it under duress by one of those pesky women in stores that force you to buy 10 things when you wanted one.... but im glad she did this is great-you put it on before your mascara and it actually nourishes and legnthens your lashes.

7. Maybellines collosal volume Mascara

I HATED the old maybelline mascara the pink one with that hideous lid even the way it looked was terrible, everyone used to rave on about it but all it did was clump up my lashes till it looked like that brush you clean chimneys with! with isnt a good look and also wasnt featured on the ad ;) But due to some money issues I had to budget and buy a cheaper alternative to the mascara I usually buy and i didnt know what to get and thought it give this new product a try! now this is WONDERFUL I am fussy when it comes to mascara but this really is a nice product - no clumping no spiders! just long single lashes!

8. Evian Water Spray

I just like to keep this in my handbag, spray my face every now and again, its refreshing and helps to hydrate your face, also as long as you dont rub the water round your face I feel it helps my make up last longer!

9. Matrix Oil Control Treatment

This is also always in my handbag, Now this supposidly helps you if you have greasy hair... now I have to wash my hair everyday bevause if i dont by the afternoon of the second day my hair is just gross! now this product doesnt stop that but if I was my hair at night by the afternoon of the next day its starting to get a bit limp.. now this product allows me to spray a little on my hair and it helps reduce the grease, I havnt fully allowed it to show me what it can do as I HATE having greasy hair, but it does help, If I can wash my hair the night before and just spritz this on in the morning or when i start to see its looking wet (lol) i can spray this on, and for that I love it!

10...... actually not really sure i need a 10 :)

Feedback ladies... need some recommendations!

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Christian Warrior Gary Faulker - In Search of Bin Laden

I am not entirely awake yet, but on the way to work I was listening to Joe Rogans podcast and he mentioned a guy called Gary Faulker, the Christian Warrior on a hunt to find Osama Bin Laden, apprently armed with a sword and a bible he made several trips to Afganistan/Pakistan mountains to find the man who is believed to be responsible for 9-11....

I suggest you read. this man is quite courageous

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Hot Topic - New Fatwa in Saudi - Breastfeeding

A recent Fatwa introduced in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, played on the religious ruling that any women who breast feeds another male can be seen as her "Son" in the eyes of Islam, In KSA there is a male who works very closely with the family on a daily basis who is not a family member this is the families driver. Most Families in KSA will need to have a driver as women in the country are still not allowed by law to drive. The Fatwa states that Women are allowed to breastfeed their driver and by doing so will lawfully be making that man her "son" and enabling that man to mingle with the family as another male family member would. Thus making everyone's lives easier all round. It is also mentioned that female maids within a household can breastfeed the man (husband) of the house in order that maids can also mingle with the family as other female members would be able to (ie. Daughters)

My thought regarding this odd new Fatwa is can Saudi Women in fact make milk on demand? Because the way its worded is like (in my imagination) The Man and Woman of the house have a conversation which might go a little something like this:

Sitting at the table eating breakfast
Man: What are you up to today wife darling
Woman: Not much, need to go food shopping at some point, and need to get a new manicure
Man: That's nice darling, I was wondering if you could do me a favour though today
Women: Whats that?
Man: Well was just thinking last night, it would make life alot easier for you, and our Daughters if you could breast feed Raj
Woman: Excuse me
Man: Well apparently its allowed now, just squirt some of your breast milk in a cup and ask Raj to drink it, then he can come into the house when we need him to and you wont have to fuss around for half hour making sure your Abaya and Niqab are on right.
Woman: Excuse me
Man: Yeah so anyways thanks for breakfast I'll see you later, just sort that thing out for me for when I get home. Love you bye.
Woman: Excuse me

Now I am of course a woman and I'm well aware of the fact I cant produce milk on demand (or do I have something wrong with me?!) now if I was breast feeding my baby, I would find it very odd to have to give that milk to someone other than my baby, and does Raj the driver get a say about drinking his employers breast milk? in KSA are you kidding me? if its anything like the UAE (and I'm sure its worse) that family OWNS Raj and no Raj won't get a say he'll just have to hold his nose and gulp it down.

Friends Season 2 Episode 2 - The One With The Breast Milk - For more funny movies, click here

Additionally I wonder if, since Saudi sees this as a plausible Fatwa (of course as they live by Sharia Law) and since being able to see a women other than your wife and daughters without Niqab is the biggest of all wrongs, that the KSA government might be inclined to Give Raj from India Citizenship in their country. Since in the eyes of the religion he is in fact her son. hmmm no? Thought as much. Could KSA be "using" a religious law to their advantage? of course not, they would never misinterpret the religious texts to their advantage would they? seeing as that's all I've been told (and proven) since I moved to the middle east (by other Arabs of various nationalities) it seems this is a common opinion. Just look at the Niqab, and Abaya, this is not required anywhere in the Quraan. yet they are law in the Kingdom, Covering ones hair by wearing Hijab. yes. Not showing off ones womanly features (we know what those are!) to anyone other than ones wife. yes. but Niqab? no. I believe this IS extreme and seeing as this is not a religious regulation, I am not opposed to several European countries banning it as many have done.

The Niqab

Various Hijab Styles

As you can see there is a big difference, When I first move here I remember I even used to look at the various Hijab wearing women and thinking how glamorous some of them are, obviously now I've got used to it! Glamourous partly BECAUSE they aren't wearing clothes that reveal skin, but most do it in a way that they also don't show the curves of their body as well, which IS hard when shopping but when done right has a unique charm to it that in a way I am envious of.

Anyways, the main part of the article I have attached as reference is that women in Saudi are becoming increasingly frustrated and I'm sure there are some men on their side as well that they cannot drive. I can only imagine how they might feel, as I myself adore driving, my other half still knows where I am 90% of the time, and when he doesn't its for menial tasks he probably wouldn't care to know anyway. therefore having a driver 100% of the time takes away an important part of marriage - the element of trust. you still here stories where drivers are bribed by wives to take them to their lovers etc so there is no fool proof solution, yet a man would still rather trust a (quite often) poor man who might be open to bribery WITHOUT an honourable agreement such as marriage, rather than his wife. that is, if he is AGAINST women being able to drive. The article attached suggests women have become to desperate in the region they are threatening to Breast Feed their drivers (from what I can gather without a cup although I cant quite make that out) if they are not given the "freedom" the drive. this is a desperate measure from any women, especially one who spent (no doubt) their whole lives never showing even a wrist or an ankle to a man other than her husband or her father, and yet she is willing to show such intimacy with an employee.....


The Advert for the movie "The Smurfs" has been released, now I used to love the Smurfs as a kid, and I really think this movies gunna ruin it, why do they take things you watched as a kid and ruin them?

What do you think?

Saturday, 19 June 2010

New Music

Naturi Houghton - H8AZ

Justin Bieber & Usher - Somebody to love

My Lover Drake - Find Your Love

Eminem - Not Afraid (Produced by My Love Drakes Friend Boi 1da

Robyn - Dancing on my onw

Thats enough for now, more later...

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Fabulous 40 somethings...

A while ago I saw a post over at The Young, Black & Fabulous about Stacey Dash, now I hate it when I recognise someones face but cant think wherefrom so I wikipediad her and she is the girl from Clueless... now Miss Dash is 44......

I really hope I can look that good when I'm 44, and I started to wonder who else looks fab in their 40's!!!

Courtney Cox is 46

Demi Moore is 48 (GIRL IS NEARLY 50!!!)

Michelle Yeoh who is also 48 (and for me shes just GLAM not TRYING to stay young looking!)

Vanessa Williams is 47

Jane Seymour is 59 PEOPLE!

Iman (who would expect less from a SUPER model) is 55 but i found THIS picture which is quite interesting...

Beverly D'Angelo is 59 as well...

Brooke Shields is 45 and Fabulous!!

Carrie Grant is also 45 and looking off the wall but pretty damn good!

Sandra Bullock is an unbelievable 46

And last but by no means least Marisa Tomei who is also 46

I hope I have been blessed with half of these womens genes!!

Good for them!!

Be Confident

This is a lovely post courtesy of the wonderful Kandee over @ her blog.... confidence IS key!!

Find The Key to Confidence HERE

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Zach Anner - Oprah Giveaway...

no words.... just watch

Zach's oprah deal from Zach Anner on Vimeo.

My Perfect Figure

Just a quick post, I am an avid Keeping up with the Kardashians and Khloe and Kourtney take Miami watcher, not because its interesting or particularly clever its just must watch tv, real drama - not real Life drama well not for me at least but its almost like a real life soap opera, I wonder if any of them have murdered someone and hidden their remains under the patio because quite frankly it would surprise me, it would dissapoint me but not surprise me. Anyways I was bored the other day and checking out the sisters Kardashian blogs just seeing what product Kim decided to endorse this week (since she doesnt appear to be picky at all!) and I saw this picture of Khloe...

Khloe early on seemed to suffer from insecurities, and almost forced herself to live in the shadows of her elder sisters, but she didnt do this quietly, attention seeking lashing out and showing a sad amount of jealousy. which yes did provide good tv, but always made me and my boyfriend look at each other and debate whether Kim or Kourtney was the better looking Kardashian, I always went with Kim and he with Kourtney. However as seasons progressed Khloe seemed to have stepped into a light of her own, maybe stepping away from Kim with KK take Miami or getting her own radio show but she really blossomed.

Now I look at the sisters and Kim is selfish and yes is good looking, but that kind of good looking that she knows it, which makes her unattractive. Kourtney has one of the cutest babies ive seen in a long time, but now I see its actually her that suffers from insecurity allowing the guy that even dresses like someone I want to slap (as well as acting like someone) to treat her like a fool and she just sits back with no respect for herself and takes it (almost expects it but thinks she want do any better) but Khloe is the only one in a successful marriage, and now that shes married to Lamar (who is as it seems a very tall man) got rid of something i suffer from that fear of being tall, standing up straight which always showed her in a bad way now she stands tall and proud and I have to say, this last post on her blog she has my ideal body shape, meaty with an ass but somehow slender and perfectly proportioned.

I just hope quick trim is available in Dubai.......

Marilyn Monroe

Iv'e never been one to follow someone JUST because they are famous or JUST because lots of other people like them or they are a hot commodity at that moment, it seemed to fashionable almost to say that your a fan of the obvious, such as Marilyn Monroe without really seeing many of her films, or seeing one and joining the bandwagon so to speak.

A couple of years ago I saw my first Monroe Movie, I think it was "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" it was on TV, I missed the beginning but I was captivated, yes it was dizzy but not the girlie dizzyness that had frustrated and almost offended me from Audrey Hepburn in "Breakfast at Tiffanys" another actress who everyone seems to jump on the Bandwagon of liking without really knowing why (just succumbing to the masses) since I saw Monroe I wanted to see more, however due to a busy life and it not being my highest of priorities I never did...

This morning as I wake up blurry eyed I turn on the TV to see there is an E True Hollywood Story on the "Loves of Marilyn Monroe" it wasnt like the usual THS if you ever watch them, it was pretty much ONLY about her loves and not much about her life in general, I was watching with baited breath to see the list they were reeling off of her various flings with married men and executives and obviously presidents and presidential canditates only to feel a little let down that so many people looked up to this women and women in todays acting world such as Megan Fox would sport tattoos of her face and be so outspoken about how she was a role model, yet this portrayed her as sleeping around, stealing husbands and general disregard for people's feelings and it brushed over her death like it was bound to happen anyway! So without further ado I of course Wikipedia'd the famous platinum blonde to find quite a different story, yes she did have many of the relationships as shown on THS but it shows a lost little girl unwanted most of her life, and as many some of whom I know personally when girls are unwanted or even abused as girls or young women, they hold little or no value on sexual experiences as adults or even use sex as a way to get love and attention (which obviously nearly never works) I hole a new respect for this famous woman, and my plan as soon as i set foot at home is to log on to isohunt and do my thing ;)

I just hope that when people think its "cool" to like a famous figure they respect why and dont simply jump on the bandwagon, these are people after all and deserve respect.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Soap & Glory

Good Afternoon and Good Sunday hope everyone had a nice weekend!

This weekend I decided since I had started using my Microdermabrasion kit and was starting to see positive results it time I made more of a conscious effort to take care of my skin. I have on many occasion upon meandering in one of my favorite beauty stores... Boots, looked at the Soap & Glory products, they always had packaging which I would love to stop and look at, its drawings and cartoons amused me, but I felt that they tried to hard and it probably resulted in less than satisfactory products so I never tried them out. However about 3 weeks ago (before my microdermabrasion purchase) I noticed they have a product called "Fab Pore"

I have (due mainly to my lack of consuming water on a daily basis) a few enlarged pores on either side of my noce just on my cheek areas, sometimes i dont notice, because im used to them and sometimes when im having a bad day (feeling fat, bad hair day, make up just doesnt go right) they really bother me, so I decided to try this product out. It smells like peppermint goodness and feels great on my skin, doesnt dry hard etc and im trying to use it once a week, along with my new daily Microdermabrasion routine they seem to be shrinking, problem is of course i dont know which of the products is what causes the shrinking, so in a bad move now im stuck with using both forever ;) but if im happy with the outcome I dont really see too much of a problem!

So yesterday I went into my beloved Boots and decided to buy a couple more items from the range to see how I feel about them. The first thing I spied was a cheaper alternative to Yves Saint Laurent's "Touche Eclat" now If I can find a cheaper alternative to that im all for it! its called "Wizard of Flaws" and well, the name says it all!

The other product I used for the first time this morning is "Glow Job" basically a moisturiser with Tanning beads, and not subtle either quite dark beads that burst as you rub them in, forcing you to really rub the moisturiser in well, already in the afternoon my skin feels soft and well moisturised, for a very light skinned person I really recommend it, as its given me a nice glow and barely used any bronzer or blusher today as it looked more natural. I think this will also be nice to use before going to the beach or pool and it contains SPF and (obviously) I wouldnt wear make up to the beach or pool so it gives you a nice glow!!

Anyways, hopefully post again soon, just wanted to recommend some products for you... its always nice to have recommendations of products that ACTUALLY work!

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Call For Action - Break Israeli Siege!

Check out the site......

Dont want to turn this into a political blog, just check it out...

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Just for a Laugh

I love the LOL cats and quite frankly who doesn't! just thought id post these as a little mid week, midday pick me up.... Enjoy ;)