Tuesday, 15 June 2010

My Perfect Figure

Just a quick post, I am an avid Keeping up with the Kardashians and Khloe and Kourtney take Miami watcher, not because its interesting or particularly clever its just must watch tv, real drama - not real Life drama well not for me at least but its almost like a real life soap opera, I wonder if any of them have murdered someone and hidden their remains under the patio because quite frankly it would surprise me, it would dissapoint me but not surprise me. Anyways I was bored the other day and checking out the sisters Kardashian blogs just seeing what product Kim decided to endorse this week (since she doesnt appear to be picky at all!) and I saw this picture of Khloe...

Khloe early on seemed to suffer from insecurities, and almost forced herself to live in the shadows of her elder sisters, but she didnt do this quietly, attention seeking lashing out and showing a sad amount of jealousy. which yes did provide good tv, but always made me and my boyfriend look at each other and debate whether Kim or Kourtney was the better looking Kardashian, I always went with Kim and he with Kourtney. However as seasons progressed Khloe seemed to have stepped into a light of her own, maybe stepping away from Kim with KK take Miami or getting her own radio show but she really blossomed.

Now I look at the sisters and Kim is selfish and yes is good looking, but that kind of good looking that she knows it, which makes her unattractive. Kourtney has one of the cutest babies ive seen in a long time, but now I see its actually her that suffers from insecurity allowing the guy that even dresses like someone I want to slap (as well as acting like someone) to treat her like a fool and she just sits back with no respect for herself and takes it (almost expects it but thinks she want do any better) but Khloe is the only one in a successful marriage, and now that shes married to Lamar (who is as it seems a very tall man) got rid of something i suffer from that fear of being tall, standing up straight which always showed her in a bad way now she stands tall and proud and I have to say, this last post on her blog she has my ideal body shape, meaty with an ass but somehow slender and perfectly proportioned.

I just hope quick trim is available in Dubai.......

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