Monday, 31 May 2010


I just wanted to take 5 minutes out of my day to send my thoughts out to those people trapped/angry/hurt.... or worse on any one of the 6 aid ships currently off the coast of Gaza. I would also like to send my thoughts out to any injured innocent Israeli's. Despite what some may say, many people despite race, religion, or sex no one deserves to feel pain especially those who are simply "doing as they are told".

Anyways I don't think I should enter into any debate (with myself it seems) about Israel and it's people. My thoughts just go out to those suffering any inhumane treatment at the hands of another.

Breast Cancer Vaccine

There is not much to say about this article because it pretty much speaks for its self but I always say if one life can be saved, the effort is well worth it.

My Grandmother had breast Cancer when I was a child, I vaguely remember sitting at her bed side in the hospital, this isnt what stuck me as the hardship of Breast Cancer, yes of course having a mastectomy is very hard, but when faced with such a decision I cant imagine you have to think twice, nowadays it seems common place to have silicon breasts as replacements (not sure if this is covered by the NHS and if its not it bloody well should be!) But when my Grandmother had the procedure it was the late 80's and this wasnt quite so common place, for years shes had the battle of where to buy the special bras (like with boob included!) etc and I know its a daily struggle, no thin straps, only white bras available, only mail order - to a man this might not sound like a big deal and even to some women, but putting up with these things as well as the strain it may take on a relationship for 2 decades. well I cant help but try to support any Breast Cancer awareness scheme I can.

So I truly hope we can take on the Breast Cancer Battle and one step at a time, Cancer as a whole.


So as I mentioned earlier I was thinking about getting a home Microdermabrasion kit (which are apparently AS effective if not MORE effective than Salon Microdermabrasion kits - due to the fact they are less abrasive and you can do them slowly over a period of time and destroy less regenerative skin cells) Anyways yesterday I bit the bullet and toddled off to Boots and brought myself one (I have issues spending money on myself!) this might have something to do with the fact that my skin and body seems to be suffering with an especially bad bout of hormones at the moment and I was getting very upset yesterday at the state of my face! so i decided I definatly deserve to invest in something which will aid my happiness!

so off i went.

Now your supposed to do the treatment twice a week and not on consecutive days, so yesterday was my first day, yes my skin felt softer afterwards but didn't really notice THAT much difference, plus I used my ever faithful overnight gel (Ok tried to find a link but couldn't, will get back to you later!) so lets see how it looks after a week (or two) my face is no where near the state of these women, and these supposidly used a home microdermabrasion system:

So I have faith!!! Ill keep you posted, always nice to have something recommended!

Friday, 28 May 2010

Venus Spa - Gillette

Just a short post, I just wanted to write about Venus Spa by Gillette....

I hate Razors, in fact I cant watch a man shave his face (including some adverts on tv) gives me the eebie geebies! I have no fear of blood or anything but I am fearful of seeing someone cut themselves with a razor! now sure if its because I know how much cutting yourself shaving hurts (looks like a paper cut but stings like you cut your whole leg off!) or because its their face, im not sure! I also have to add that waxing everything on a frequent enough basis not to disgust myself is just not on (and the waiting inbetween waxing drives me insane!) so shaving my legs is the best option, for some reason though (never know why) I ALWAYS forget shaving foam in my weekly shop and shaving dry (or just wet) hurts my skin so if your anything like me (forgetful with sensitive skin!) then these Venus Spa razors by Gillette are for you!

Easy to use, and leave your skin feeling amazingly soft.....

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Hair for the Summer

Hair for the Summer

Apparently according to celebrity stylist Monica Rose loose braids are whats in for the summer, and I have to say I find this messy braids look kinda cute, shame I just cut my hair short (well resting on my shoulders) for the summer - though im sure there's a way to work in some loose braids somewhere......

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Curvy Girls Rule!

So I just read that Kendra's newly released Sex tape is the first to outsell Kim Kardashian's which was apparently the highest grossing Celebrity "Porn" sex tape ever made. Now I was pretty surprised seeing as many a celebrity have fallen into the trap of making sex videos and them "accidentally" getting released. But what I did realise is that out of the many surely this goes to show, that everyone loves a nice curvy womanly figure.... :)

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

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UK - Rape Defendants to be given anonymity

I know this is in the UK not in Dubai or even the UAE but I think as a woman this is a subject that deserves a mention.

Now as far as i'm aware most countries around the world following a common law live by the rule "innocent until proven guilty" now I know the rape issue is a hard one sometimes to convict/prove however if someone is proven "Not Guilty" in the eyes of the law, they didnt do what they were accused of. So don't these men deserve not to be labelled? despite the fact someone was proven "not guilty" if the world/country/city/village whatever hears that someone was accused of rape, likeliness is that guy will always be under question, or known amoung gossips/friends/families as "the man accused of rape" i can hear people now debating who "lied" or "what really happened" and of course "do you think he did it" this I have to say, isn't fair. of course you also get women who make me sick and lie about these things, for whatever reason (none of which make the lie any better) and does a man who was found innocent really need this talk going on behind his back? One can only imagine life after (perhaps) not doing anything wrong, when something like Rape is in question.

Despite the article mentioning that "women’s groups immediately branded an insult." I dont see HOW this is an insult, if the man is found guilty everyone will know, however if he's innocent let him live his life!!!!

20% off Carboxy Therapy during May

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My Dream Home

So I was thinking that I might become an "Abu Dhabi Lady" and obviously i'll have to change my "Dubai Ladies" handle (maybe someone else can take over my job!) or i'll change to "UAE Ladies" and broaden my range! anyways I was just having a little google session looking for upcoming projects (as ive just signed a years contract a month ago for my current place) in Abu Dhabi, you know as you do to get a feel of price, location etc - I do know Abu Dhabi, but obviously not like I know Dubai so was doing some much needed research....... then I came across "Al Gurm Resort" the name doesn't really conjure up delightful images, however in the short description google gives under the link I saw "beachfront" and was so tempted I simply had to click the link.... and what did I find? well only my dream home, however a 3 bedroom starts at nearly 6 million so I think its a bit out of my price range, however this now has to be my dream home in the UAE.

Question is, if you live there, why and where would you go when you need a holiday??!!

Monday, 24 May 2010

Like me!

The Pretty Reckless

ok so I tried once to watch "Gossip Girls" as it seemed to be a phenomenon that women seem to love, usually when something is really popular it is so for a reason, except like twilight this was a big pile of crap and I felt seemingly less intelligent than i did 10 minutes earlier (as 10 minutes was all I could manage)

I have also seem many pictures of this Taylor Momsen character usually half dressed and attempting to be at least 5 years older than she actually is (I believe she is 16) however during a bored moment I decided to investigate what her "band" and their music sounds like, I put band there in inverted speach marks as I wrongfully thought the band would be (purely going by the way she dresses) an attempt at (what many teenagers seem to go through) attention seeking. However I was pleasantly surprised she has a very smooth voice and she knows how to use it despite her young age, OK the lyrics might go down better with someone a little younger than myself however I just need to forget that she is in Gossip Girls and I might actually quite like this band....

Emirati Women Retracts Rape Statement

This story makes me cringe, if she made it up she is giving women a very bad name, a woman should NEVER cry Rape unless it is true.

However if it is true and she has retracted her statement due to pressure/pending sentence for illegal sexual intercourse (despite the men being convicted of rape), then someone needs to answer some strict questions because if she was rape the whole point is it was not her decision.

I dont like the sound of this case one bit.

Emirati Women in the Workforce

So I stumbled across this article (on twitter obviously!) and I wondered, if more Emirati Women go to further education than Emirati Men and yet less Emirati Women actually use their education than men... why is this?

Surely if you go to University it is for the purpose of working, and surely if your family accepts/supports your decision to go to University they too are accepting that you will have a career. or am I wrong?

Knowing a few local women, in different working circumstances, some work, some dont, some are currently studying - I wonder if some simply go to university because it is the done thing here, because if you don't you seem to be considered less of a person. or whether some simply go for "something to do" and don't actually intend to work at all, but like the "social status" because a graduate gives you.

I didn't go to University, until 5 years ago I was all my life in my home country, England I went to school there and followed school as most do with College courses, in fact I took several more than most I took AVCE's (several subjects make up an A Level instead of taking an A Level in 1 subject) as well as 2 National Diploma's. I did this simply because I wanted to know more about certain subjects and figured it would be benificial in the work place however once I had finished College for a few years I didn't see any advantage in going to University, especially since I knew some friends who were so in debt after graduating University and also couldn't find jobs and were working in Bars. I was "lucky" enough that I found a decent job straight after college and have since worked my way up into a job that OK is not my dream job, but then a friend of mine was at Uni for 4 years and was made redundant from Woothworths!

When I came to Dubai, things changed I was 21 pretty confident in finding a decent job, which I did yet when I started meeting people the normal Dubai conversation started: "where are you from", "how long have you been in Dubai", "Where did you go to Uni" I found it quite upsetting that people here felt that the fact I didn't go to Uni seemed to make me less of a person which of course it doesn't.

So I wonder if the article enclosed (click on the title) actually fully reflects the situation, are Emirati Women not working because they come across hurdles? or because they don't have to? or because they get married and have children and it is no longer at the top of the agenda?

In the 5 years I have been here Emirati Women seem to play an increasingly important role in the building, education and culture of the UAE. Does the fact less Emirati Women work than men mean they are any less important?

Home Made Facial Scrub

So, last week I discovered the gem that is Kandee Johnson, she is from what I gather a make up artist for magazines (and possibly celebrities i'm not too sure) I stumbled across this wonderful video for a home made Lemon Scrub, I usually use what alot of women seem to use, the peach st ives scrub which yes is a bit harsh, but does the trick! but does leave me a bit sore and red tbh! so I tried this out....

was a little bit nervous about using Lemon Juice directly on my skin, but seeing as I had previously been in awe on Kandee's skin, I thought id give it a try...

I have done the lemon scrub twice in the last 3 days, I figured every other day is enough. I have already noticed a difference, my skin isn't problematic as a rule but we all have our issues, leading up to certain hormones changes my skin often breaks out, as well as if i dont drink enough water (which i often do *slap wrist*) and my cheeks in general are quite red (in the wrong place!!) and this lemon scrub does sting a little but already after doing twice I notice a difference, and as she says putting natural items back into your skin must be for the best!!!

ps. Does anyone use a micro-dermabrasion kit? she recommends them as well just wondered where does a good one here in Dubai!!!!

Real Friends

Does a real friend tell you the truth no matter what? (you look fat in that dress/your husbands cheating on you etc) or does whatever they can to soften the blow if/when you find out yourself?

National Curriculum in Dubai Schools

So I just saw this link, on twitter of course, in Arabian Business' online magazine....

so apparently a survey was conducted that resulted in 60% saying they would like to see a national curriculum type arrangement in schools in the UAE.

My First thought is why isnt there one already?
My Second though is what would the curriculum be compared to?
My Third thought is, arn't schools here a year or so longer than the time you spend in school in the UK? does this mean they are behind? or do they do extra studies? and if so if you go back to the UK during the time your children are at school do they fall behind?

what do you all think about a curriculum? or do you choose you school based on the education level now? and does education and results here reflect the cost?


Oh and I just want to give a quick thank you to Paper Monster as I stumbled across his wondrous images and might have possibly stolen a couple for avatars :)

Check him out I am totally in love with his work....

(Click on the post title!!)

My first post

Good morning ladies, I have decided since I have some time on my hands to expand the popular Dubai Ladies "franchise" (in inverted speach marks since I dont really consider it a franchise but couldn't really fathom a better word) basically I thought it might be nice to have a forum where ladies can share thoughts and feelings about the shenanigans in this crazy ever changing city that is Dubai.... and perhaps have a little fun in the mean time..!

Not sure how often I will blog but I was finding some useful videos on youtube recently for hair and make up and face care and thought it would be wonderful to test out some and recommend them.... or perhaps recommend new restaurants or salons or childcare etc etc (think you get my point!)

basically i am no guru on anything, im simply a 25 year old girl living in this city, enjoying a bit of everything! a bit of partying, a bit of beach, a bit of being sensible a bit of being crazy, a bit of taking care of a house and a man and a bit of taking care of myself.....

I love everyone who follows me on @dubai_ladies sometimes I share info (although I seem to have gone of this topic of late) sometimes we help each other out of problems, it is also wonderful to share some thoughts and feelings in an anonymous way because we all know what a small place Dubai is ;)

Love to all, I hope you enjoy this blog....xxxx