Monday, 31 May 2010

Breast Cancer Vaccine

There is not much to say about this article because it pretty much speaks for its self but I always say if one life can be saved, the effort is well worth it.

My Grandmother had breast Cancer when I was a child, I vaguely remember sitting at her bed side in the hospital, this isnt what stuck me as the hardship of Breast Cancer, yes of course having a mastectomy is very hard, but when faced with such a decision I cant imagine you have to think twice, nowadays it seems common place to have silicon breasts as replacements (not sure if this is covered by the NHS and if its not it bloody well should be!) But when my Grandmother had the procedure it was the late 80's and this wasnt quite so common place, for years shes had the battle of where to buy the special bras (like with boob included!) etc and I know its a daily struggle, no thin straps, only white bras available, only mail order - to a man this might not sound like a big deal and even to some women, but putting up with these things as well as the strain it may take on a relationship for 2 decades. well I cant help but try to support any Breast Cancer awareness scheme I can.

So I truly hope we can take on the Breast Cancer Battle and one step at a time, Cancer as a whole.

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