Monday, 24 May 2010

My first post

Good morning ladies, I have decided since I have some time on my hands to expand the popular Dubai Ladies "franchise" (in inverted speach marks since I dont really consider it a franchise but couldn't really fathom a better word) basically I thought it might be nice to have a forum where ladies can share thoughts and feelings about the shenanigans in this crazy ever changing city that is Dubai.... and perhaps have a little fun in the mean time..!

Not sure how often I will blog but I was finding some useful videos on youtube recently for hair and make up and face care and thought it would be wonderful to test out some and recommend them.... or perhaps recommend new restaurants or salons or childcare etc etc (think you get my point!)

basically i am no guru on anything, im simply a 25 year old girl living in this city, enjoying a bit of everything! a bit of partying, a bit of beach, a bit of being sensible a bit of being crazy, a bit of taking care of a house and a man and a bit of taking care of myself.....

I love everyone who follows me on @dubai_ladies sometimes I share info (although I seem to have gone of this topic of late) sometimes we help each other out of problems, it is also wonderful to share some thoughts and feelings in an anonymous way because we all know what a small place Dubai is ;)

Love to all, I hope you enjoy this blog....xxxx

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