Monday, 24 May 2010

Home Made Facial Scrub

So, last week I discovered the gem that is Kandee Johnson, she is from what I gather a make up artist for magazines (and possibly celebrities i'm not too sure) I stumbled across this wonderful video for a home made Lemon Scrub, I usually use what alot of women seem to use, the peach st ives scrub which yes is a bit harsh, but does the trick! but does leave me a bit sore and red tbh! so I tried this out....

was a little bit nervous about using Lemon Juice directly on my skin, but seeing as I had previously been in awe on Kandee's skin, I thought id give it a try...

I have done the lemon scrub twice in the last 3 days, I figured every other day is enough. I have already noticed a difference, my skin isn't problematic as a rule but we all have our issues, leading up to certain hormones changes my skin often breaks out, as well as if i dont drink enough water (which i often do *slap wrist*) and my cheeks in general are quite red (in the wrong place!!) and this lemon scrub does sting a little but already after doing twice I notice a difference, and as she says putting natural items back into your skin must be for the best!!!

ps. Does anyone use a micro-dermabrasion kit? she recommends them as well just wondered where does a good one here in Dubai!!!!

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