Tuesday, 25 May 2010

UK - Rape Defendants to be given anonymity

I know this is in the UK not in Dubai or even the UAE but I think as a woman this is a subject that deserves a mention.

Now as far as i'm aware most countries around the world following a common law live by the rule "innocent until proven guilty" now I know the rape issue is a hard one sometimes to convict/prove however if someone is proven "Not Guilty" in the eyes of the law, they didnt do what they were accused of. So don't these men deserve not to be labelled? despite the fact someone was proven "not guilty" if the world/country/city/village whatever hears that someone was accused of rape, likeliness is that guy will always be under question, or known amoung gossips/friends/families as "the man accused of rape" i can hear people now debating who "lied" or "what really happened" and of course "do you think he did it" this I have to say, isn't fair. of course you also get women who make me sick and lie about these things, for whatever reason (none of which make the lie any better) and does a man who was found innocent really need this talk going on behind his back? One can only imagine life after (perhaps) not doing anything wrong, when something like Rape is in question.

Despite the article mentioning that "women’s groups immediately branded an insult." I dont see HOW this is an insult, if the man is found guilty everyone will know, however if he's innocent let him live his life!!!!

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