Monday, 31 May 2010


So as I mentioned earlier I was thinking about getting a home Microdermabrasion kit (which are apparently AS effective if not MORE effective than Salon Microdermabrasion kits - due to the fact they are less abrasive and you can do them slowly over a period of time and destroy less regenerative skin cells) Anyways yesterday I bit the bullet and toddled off to Boots and brought myself one (I have issues spending money on myself!) this might have something to do with the fact that my skin and body seems to be suffering with an especially bad bout of hormones at the moment and I was getting very upset yesterday at the state of my face! so i decided I definatly deserve to invest in something which will aid my happiness!

so off i went.

Now your supposed to do the treatment twice a week and not on consecutive days, so yesterday was my first day, yes my skin felt softer afterwards but didn't really notice THAT much difference, plus I used my ever faithful overnight gel (Ok tried to find a link but couldn't, will get back to you later!) so lets see how it looks after a week (or two) my face is no where near the state of these women, and these supposidly used a home microdermabrasion system:

So I have faith!!! Ill keep you posted, always nice to have something recommended!


kewiesterrock said...

My idea to get home microdermabrasion kits, which is clearly effective, if not more effective than the salon mill bag - due to the fact, they are less abrasive, you can do them slowly.


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Sarah said... what is the result after all? Which do u prefer? I also in a dilemma, wondering to go to spa or having home kits... love to hear ur personal advice on this... Thanks.

Alina Khan said...

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Cindy Crawford said...

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