Tuesday, 25 May 2010

My Dream Home

So I was thinking that I might become an "Abu Dhabi Lady" and obviously i'll have to change my "Dubai Ladies" handle (maybe someone else can take over my job!) or i'll change to "UAE Ladies" and broaden my range! anyways I was just having a little google session looking for upcoming projects (as ive just signed a years contract a month ago for my current place) in Abu Dhabi, you know as you do to get a feel of price, location etc - I do know Abu Dhabi, but obviously not like I know Dubai so was doing some much needed research....... then I came across "Al Gurm Resort" the name doesn't really conjure up delightful images, however in the short description google gives under the link I saw "beachfront" and was so tempted I simply had to click the link.... and what did I find? well only my dream home, however a 3 bedroom starts at nearly 6 million so I think its a bit out of my price range, however this now has to be my dream home in the UAE.

Question is, if you live there, why and where would you go when you need a holiday??!!

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