Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Marilyn Monroe

Iv'e never been one to follow someone JUST because they are famous or JUST because lots of other people like them or they are a hot commodity at that moment, it seemed to fashionable almost to say that your a fan of the obvious, such as Marilyn Monroe without really seeing many of her films, or seeing one and joining the bandwagon so to speak.

A couple of years ago I saw my first Monroe Movie, I think it was "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" it was on TV, I missed the beginning but I was captivated, yes it was dizzy but not the girlie dizzyness that had frustrated and almost offended me from Audrey Hepburn in "Breakfast at Tiffanys" another actress who everyone seems to jump on the Bandwagon of liking without really knowing why (just succumbing to the masses) since I saw Monroe I wanted to see more, however due to a busy life and it not being my highest of priorities I never did...

This morning as I wake up blurry eyed I turn on the TV to see there is an E True Hollywood Story on the "Loves of Marilyn Monroe" it wasnt like the usual THS if you ever watch them, it was pretty much ONLY about her loves and not much about her life in general, I was watching with baited breath to see the list they were reeling off of her various flings with married men and executives and obviously presidents and presidential canditates only to feel a little let down that so many people looked up to this women and women in todays acting world such as Megan Fox would sport tattoos of her face and be so outspoken about how she was a role model, yet this portrayed her as sleeping around, stealing husbands and general disregard for people's feelings and it brushed over her death like it was bound to happen anyway! So without further ado I of course Wikipedia'd the famous platinum blonde to find quite a different story, yes she did have many of the relationships as shown on THS but it shows a lost little girl unwanted most of her life, and as many some of whom I know personally when girls are unwanted or even abused as girls or young women, they hold little or no value on sexual experiences as adults or even use sex as a way to get love and attention (which obviously nearly never works) I hole a new respect for this famous woman, and my plan as soon as i set foot at home is to log on to isohunt and do my thing ;)

I just hope that when people think its "cool" to like a famous figure they respect why and dont simply jump on the bandwagon, these are people after all and deserve respect.

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