Sunday, 6 June 2010

Soap & Glory

Good Afternoon and Good Sunday hope everyone had a nice weekend!

This weekend I decided since I had started using my Microdermabrasion kit and was starting to see positive results it time I made more of a conscious effort to take care of my skin. I have on many occasion upon meandering in one of my favorite beauty stores... Boots, looked at the Soap & Glory products, they always had packaging which I would love to stop and look at, its drawings and cartoons amused me, but I felt that they tried to hard and it probably resulted in less than satisfactory products so I never tried them out. However about 3 weeks ago (before my microdermabrasion purchase) I noticed they have a product called "Fab Pore"

I have (due mainly to my lack of consuming water on a daily basis) a few enlarged pores on either side of my noce just on my cheek areas, sometimes i dont notice, because im used to them and sometimes when im having a bad day (feeling fat, bad hair day, make up just doesnt go right) they really bother me, so I decided to try this product out. It smells like peppermint goodness and feels great on my skin, doesnt dry hard etc and im trying to use it once a week, along with my new daily Microdermabrasion routine they seem to be shrinking, problem is of course i dont know which of the products is what causes the shrinking, so in a bad move now im stuck with using both forever ;) but if im happy with the outcome I dont really see too much of a problem!

So yesterday I went into my beloved Boots and decided to buy a couple more items from the range to see how I feel about them. The first thing I spied was a cheaper alternative to Yves Saint Laurent's "Touche Eclat" now If I can find a cheaper alternative to that im all for it! its called "Wizard of Flaws" and well, the name says it all!

The other product I used for the first time this morning is "Glow Job" basically a moisturiser with Tanning beads, and not subtle either quite dark beads that burst as you rub them in, forcing you to really rub the moisturiser in well, already in the afternoon my skin feels soft and well moisturised, for a very light skinned person I really recommend it, as its given me a nice glow and barely used any bronzer or blusher today as it looked more natural. I think this will also be nice to use before going to the beach or pool and it contains SPF and (obviously) I wouldnt wear make up to the beach or pool so it gives you a nice glow!!

Anyways, hopefully post again soon, just wanted to recommend some products for you... its always nice to have recommendations of products that ACTUALLY work!

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