Thursday, 17 June 2010

Fabulous 40 somethings...

A while ago I saw a post over at The Young, Black & Fabulous about Stacey Dash, now I hate it when I recognise someones face but cant think wherefrom so I wikipediad her and she is the girl from Clueless... now Miss Dash is 44......

I really hope I can look that good when I'm 44, and I started to wonder who else looks fab in their 40's!!!

Courtney Cox is 46

Demi Moore is 48 (GIRL IS NEARLY 50!!!)

Michelle Yeoh who is also 48 (and for me shes just GLAM not TRYING to stay young looking!)

Vanessa Williams is 47

Jane Seymour is 59 PEOPLE!

Iman (who would expect less from a SUPER model) is 55 but i found THIS picture which is quite interesting...

Beverly D'Angelo is 59 as well...

Brooke Shields is 45 and Fabulous!!

Carrie Grant is also 45 and looking off the wall but pretty damn good!

Sandra Bullock is an unbelievable 46

And last but by no means least Marisa Tomei who is also 46

I hope I have been blessed with half of these womens genes!!

Good for them!!

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