Thursday, 29 July 2010

Cheap Improvements

So yesterday I was in Geant Hypermarket and since I got paid... early I might add I was having one of those days where you buy things, gimmicky things you wouldn't normally look twice at! Anyways I threw lots of beauty goodies in my trolly now the following two I couldnt wait to try when I got home because they seemed to good to be true!

The first thing I brought (I was in Geant because id actually missed my nail appointment in Nail Bar and thought, why not get some food for home LOL) was Nail Patches:

Now these looked a little tacky (and I add its not this brand they sell in Geant but its pretty much exactly the same!) There is no nail varnish involved, its one white sticker ready shaped you stick over the tip of your nail, and then i slightly pinkish clear one you stick over the top of that, now they are a little fiddly at first but you soon get used to it, would be alot easier to get a friend to do it for you, but honestly they are beautiful and you would never know its not nail varnish. I put them on last night so just waiting to see how long they last... its 25aed I think (so £3) which is less than half what I pay for a manicure, and the painting is the reason i go (oh and the massage and reading magazines for free!) shaping of my nails I can do myself... so its less than half the price of ONE manicure and you get TWO complete sets.... if they last longer than a week i'm sold :)

The second item I brought (and am testing) is heated eyelash curlers! YES bit crazy I know, but a while back I got some eyelash extentions and although my eyelashes are pretty long anyway ever since i had those ive been a bit obsessed with things that give me longer, curvier lashes :) once again it isnt this brand i got because I have a feeling what im buying is Geants own brand maybe, but heres a pic:

They were only 50aed and I used them (quickly) this morning and didnt use eye lash curlers they are pretty good and seem to be holding the shape better! I also managed to get the stray lashes that my eyelash curlers can normally get!!

I only tried them both today... let me see in a week ;)

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VeronicaGlam said...

I have that same heat eye lash curler, but I cannot seem to make it work for me:( I think I nned to practice a lot more. I bought mine when I went this past June to IMATS in Pasadena, CA.