Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Review - Quick Trim

So As I said in my last post I started taking Quick Trim's Fast Cleanse... To be honest I didnt really notice any different, but then I put it down to the fact its more of a cleanse than a weight loss aid, don't know if my body is any cleaner but what the hell I tried!

Anyways today I started with Quick Trim's Burn & Cleanse, im hoping for a bit more of a result from this 14 day weight loss program. I didnt actually realise but I have to take 4 pills during the day, 2 between breakfast & Lunch, and 2 more between lunch and dinner. then 4 before bed! thats quite alot. but after reading the ingredients which all seem to be pretty natural and as far as I know no one had diet from quick trim i'm going to give it a go, I dont actually own any scales (I lost them when I moved house a couple of months ago) im going to go buy some after work and try to keep track of my weight.

I dont do any vigorous exercise but Im going to go for a run or a fast paced walk every other day after work and try to move around a bit more at work etc, as well as eating a bit less sugar and drink more water and see how things go. There is an exercise planner that comes with the pills so ill have a look at that after work and see if theres anything in there worthwhile.... ill keep you updated!


gabriela said...

So, how did it go? Should I try it? did you get it in Dubai?

Amira Braiek said...

hi please where did u get it in dubai?